Boots Haul!!!!!!

I’m bold, I’m so very very bold. I went into Boots for one thing and one thing only and of course we all know how that story ends-with me leaving the store with more than one thing. So here I am about to delivery a haul to guys to give myself some sort of justification for buying these things so without further ado lets get to it. The first counter I went to was the Soap & Glory counter, which is why I went into the store in the first place. In the past few weeks I have seen this product on every single youtubers video, blog post and website and so I said to myself “girl you gotta try that” and so I did


What I thought when I first picked up this concealer is that it was going to be like any other cream concealer, as in I’d open it and the concealer would be just staring me in the face (like the bobby brown correcter), so I can tell you I had a surprise waiting for me when I opened this. The packaging consists of two layers. The top layer has the Soap&Glory translucent powder and it also comes with this like mini powder puff , which is cute don’t get me wrong but useless otherwise.


Underneath the powder layer is another layer that  contains two concealers and a mirror. How cool is that!! There are two concealers, one is lighter than the other. The lighter one also has a slight peach tone running through it which makes it brilliant for under eye dark circles. The darker shade is more skin toned coloured and makes it handy for blemishes and those pesky spots that tend to pop up when you don’t want them to. The concealer comes in two other shades (medium and dark) and the one I have is light.


My next purchase from this counter (and they had an offer where if you buy one item, you get the second one half price, so I don’t feel too bad about getting this ) was the Archery Brow Tint and Precision Shaping Pencil. As the name suggest it’s a brow pencil.


It’s double sided, with one end being a felt tip pen and the other a normal twistable pencil. The felt tip pen is supposed to be used to fill in any sparse areas because it applies so lightly that the little flicks that you make with it look like actual hairs. The pencil is meant to be used over it to add colour and definition and mostly shape to the brows.


I have already tried this and I have to say it’s an exact dupe for Anastasia Brow Whiz pencil that is like double the price of this. It comes in two colors, Lovely Blonde and Brownie Points (You gotta love Soap&Glory product names) and the one I own is Brownie Points.


Moving from the Soap&Glory counter I went over to my beloved No7 which is exclusive to Boots so I just had to pay it a visit while I was in Boots (it’s just an excuse I know!). I bought a good few things from the brand, the first being these eyeliners.


They are glitter eyeliners, but the glitter in them is very fine, which I like because it means they can be worn with a glittery eye look and not make the look itself become overwhelming with too much glitter. The liners themselves in formulation are very intense and the color payoff is excellent. The blue color is called Royal with the gold being Mocha Shine.


Next up is powder, and as much as I love my Rimmel Stay Matte powder (I did a full review of it in my brand focus on Rimmel so I’ll link it below if your interested) and swear by it, I was on the hunt for something different and a bit out of my comfort zone and this powder happened to catch my eye.


Its the No7 loose powder in Perfect Light. Now I’m not the biggest fan of loose powders, I find them very messy, too much hassle and all round too much effort when you could simply swirl your brush in a pressed powder and be done with it but I was talking to the counter lady and she said that this powder has light reflecting particles in it much like the Hourglass ambient lighting powders. I know I talked about the Mary Kay powders (I’ll link it below)  but that has a pink tint to it which isn’t always the most convenient. This powder on the other hand goes on translucent.


It does come with a little powder puff which is a direct dupe for the MAC ones and it also has a dual purpose in that it stops the powder from excessively coming out of the packaging, which I was impressed with. If you guys want a full review on this product let me know in the comments section below.

Now a haul is never complete without a lip product and in my exploration of the No7 counter I came across this little gem. It was the last one (destiny or what ^^) and it’s 100% matte being the only matte lipgloss out of this range.


Its the No7 High Shine Lipgloss in Coral Kiss. It also has SPF 15 which I think is a bonus because we always forget to protect our lips from the sun and them being the most delicate skin on our face, they tend to burn the easiest. It’s soft, it’s subtle and just the right amount of glossy so yeah I’m currently in love with this shade.


Last but not least I went over to the 17 (seventeen) stand. I’ve never tried anything from this range but I picked up this Kohl chubby pencil from they’re range.


It’s part of their metallic collection and it’s in the color purple. I don’t really have much to say on it cause I haven’t tried it yet but if you guys have tried anything from this brand let me know any good recommendations in the comments below though I think if I buy anymore make-up I’m going to have to invest in a separate shed to store all of it!

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