Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets

Boots is one of those places that could end up making me bankrupt one of these days. Does anyone else have this problem? Literally everytime I go in there I have to leave with a new makeup product otherwise I feel like my shopping trip was all for nothing lolz :P This time my trip took me to the dangerous world of Bourjois, specially the Bourjois Rouge Velvet Editions. I’ve heard hundreds of bloggers and vloggers rave about this product, how it’s long lasting, doesn’t smear and doesn’t dry out the lips. So when one hears such good things, one must try the product for themselves right guys?


As usual I got too shades because all good things come in pairs right haha :). The first out of the two is the one that my eyes automatically latched onto the minute I got to the Boujois counter. This Velvet Rouge is in the shade 08 Grand Cru and this shade is the perfect blood red looking red I have ever found. I kinda wish I had this for when I was doing my tutorial on the True Blood Lips it would have made things a little easier. Because this shade is so dark I found that it did bleed a little but a bit of clear liner sorted out that situation immediately.


Application wise it went on very smooth, which considering it was a dark shade, kinda impressed me because dark shades like this tend to fall into the cracks of the lips making them look dry and wrinkly and this did not do that. I combined this shade with my Maybelline lip liner in the shade 338 Midnight plum which is also the same liner I used in the tutorial. The clear liner that I used is one from Rimmel London and it’s called the Moisture Renew Universal Transparent Lipliner and I genuinely recommend this for all dark lip colors because it really does stop them from bleeding.



The next shade that I got is the Velvet Rouge in the shade 04 Peach Club and this one is a gorgeous peach shade with a soft pink undertone to it. Much like the red one it applies smoothly without creasing and for such a longlasting formula, these did not dry out my lips even though they do set matte.


This lipglosses do come with a doe-foot applicator that has a slight dip that retails a little bit of the product. For a shade like this one its ok to apply it start from the applicator but for shades like the one above, which are darker I recommend using a lip brush to make things easier and more precise looking though you can apply straight from the applicator if you wish. This shade I found went really well with my Maybelline Lipliner in the shade 132 Sweet Pink.


Price wise these aren’t the cheapest on the market, retailing at 12.49 euros they do pack a bunch when paying for them at the checkout (I think my bank account is still in pain over these haha :P ) but if you are willing to invest in some good, longlasting lipglosses that aren’t sticky or sparkly than these are the perfect option.



And that’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you’ve tried any shades from this range as you never know my bank might just get better in time to pick up another shade or two…..I’ve paired both these shades using Maybelliner Lipliners but let me know what brands you like for their lipliners because I really do find it hard to shop for lipliners-not alot of brands make good ones.

-Talk Soon xx

L’oreal Super Slim Perfect Slim Liners!

So! I was shopping in Boots the other day…..again! And I wanted to repurchase my Holy Grail liner the L’oreal Super Slim Perfect Slim Liner in Intense black that I mentioned in my L’oreal Brand Focus that my old one had dried out. Walking over to the L’oreal counter I spotted two other gems standing next to my beautiful black liner. L’oreal has released 2 brand new colored liner in the range and because I love the original black one so much you can understand my excitement when it came to these.


I picked up all three and before I get into describing the colored versions I kinda want to tell you guys about the original one seeing as I didn’t really focus on it in the L’oreal Brand Focus because I didn’t have it on hand to swatch for you guys. There are three reasons why I love this liner out of all the liners that I have used in the past (and trust me I have used alot….so many in fact 33% of my makeup is liners haha ^^). The first reason Is I love the shape of the nib it comes with. It is very slim, narrow and precise and it has some flexibility to it without being flimsy.


The other aspects that I love is the intensity of the blackness of the liner itself. Urban Decay perversion has nothing on how dark this liner is espically if you get the intense black shade rather than just the black shade in the range.


And lastly once this liner sets, it ain’t going nowhere. Literally you need the most heavy duty eyeliner remover you have to remove it. I just use my Lancome Bi-Facil and it comes off so easily without irritating my eyes.


Right I think it’s time I moved onto the fun stuff and that’s the colored liners :). I got both of them because I couldn’t resist but I have to say I don’t love them both. Lets get the dud out of the way. The eyeliner in the shade blue really let me down. I’m used to high pigmentation when it comes to this product and this liner did not give me that. Instead it was very watery in formulation and when I applied it onto my eyes it smeared. Plus the color didn’t come out very well so I couldn’t photograph it for you guys :(


That little disappointment aside, the green shade is the complete opposite. It does the exact same performance as the black shade except of course is green in color. This shade is very nice because it isn’t that really intense green that screams “look at me” instead its a very subtle wearable color. Its nice change from black :)


Application wise it applies very smoothly thanks to its precise nib and its formulation isn’t watery and doesn’t smear when applied onto the eyelids. Price wise these liners are very affordable. I think they retail around the 8.99 mark but look out for the special offers that stores tend to do on L’oreal before buying.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have and questions or recommendations of other colored liners please leave all your suggestions in the comments below. I’ll be happy to read them and get to know what interests you guys :D

-Talk Soon xx


Maybelline Color Tattoos!

Hey Guys! How is everyone?? Hope all you beautiful people are having an awesome day. I’m back again with another review, it seems like that’s all I do these days haha but I thought I do this one because I just recently got a new shade in this collection. The collection in question is the Maybelline Color Tattoos and I know these products are so not new and that there are about a hundred reviews of them online but I thought it would be nice to share my ideas on them so here we go.


I currently own 5 colors from the range and because I mentioned a recent purchase I thought I would start with that. This color tattoo is in the shade 70 Metallic Pomegranate and it’s this gorgeous burnt brown shade with a slight red undertone. Now looking at it in the packaging it looks full blown burgundy in color but upon application its alot more sheer coming off more brown and neutral. I don’t know if this is a recent launch in the color tattoos because I haven’t seen this shade before but I do know that is part of their permanent selection.


DSCN2311This next shade is for those of us who like a bit of color in their lives. I was really inspired to pick this color up because I saw a famous Youtuber who goes by the name Tanya Burr doing a makeup tutorial with this and OMG did it look beautiful. This tattoo is in the shade 20 Turquoise Forever and it’s the most intense blue eye product that I have ever seen to date. Swatches without streaking and applies without creasing. Total winner!!



This next shade is my least favorite out of the bunch and I know that its a bit of a shock cause it’s purple but I just didn’t like it. Application wise it applies very very streaky and you have to use twice as much product in order to get the same opaqueness as you do with the other shades and even then it’s not as opaque as I want. It also has a sort-of dry consistency, and I don’t know if I got a dud product but I definitely won’t be repurchasing this particular shade ever again. Most terrible application ever!!



Major intense pigmentation and metallic effect for these next two shades. These are the first two that I ever bought from the collection. The first is this intense gold that is just perfect for highlighting the eyelid by placing it into the inner corner or in the centre of the lid. I especially like this for when your doing intense arabic style looks as this color is generally associated with arab makeup. This one is in the shade 05 Eternal Gold.



This last one is the same as the gold one except its silver rather than gold. This is in the shade 50 Eternal Silver. I do want to point out one last thing about these products before finishing this post. These are cream eyeshadows and I’ve had my gold and silver ones for about 8 months now and they haven’t dried out. Honestly as long as you keep the lid of the product closed properly these eyeshadow will last you until they need to be chucked out.



And that’s it guys! What do you think? Have you tried these yourself? and if you have let me know what shade is your fav in comments section below because I’m always looking for new shades to add to my collection. Thanks for taking the time to read! <3

-Talk Soon xx

True Blood Red Lips!

So Season 7 of True Blood has officially started and I for one am so happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I get to see the delicious Vampire Eric and sad cause its the last ever season of show :’( so sad! Anyways one thing that always catches my eye when ever I watch a new episode is the gorgeous iconic red lips that appears at the end of the song.


So I decided that I would try and recreate it for you guys. Now please bare in mind that the lips in the photo above have indeed been photo-shopped to make the skin pale and add the fangs whilst making the lip color look like blood but I’m gonna try and get it as close as possible to the image you see above!


Here are the products that I used:

  • Nivea Lip Butter (Original)
  • Rimmel Moisture Renew Transparent Lipliner
  • Maybelline Colorsensational lipliner in the shade 338 Midnight Plum
  • Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 510 Mayfair Red Lady
  • Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color 510 Red Passion

All of these products are drugstore and if you don’t want to buy the whole shebang than just get the last item as you can acheived the blood looking lips that way but it won’t be as dark of a color as the photo above.

To begin prep the lips with the Nivea Lip Butter and use the transparent lipliner to line the lips. This stops the lips from bleeding/smudging as we are going to be working with a few dark and heavily pigmented products.




Once your lips have been prepped you can now fill them in with the Midnight Plum lipliner. The color of this lip liner is what is going to make the lips have that nice darkest to it. Also filling in the lips completely will allow the lip products to last longer after application.



Once the lipliner has been used to fill in the lips, I then used the Rimmel lipstick in the shade 510 Mayfair Red Lady to get that intense red pigmentation onto the lips.





As a final step to get those glossy looking lips I went over them with the super stay lipgloss. This lipgloss really has that shiny look to it and it looks amazing on its own but its a bit to bright so it won’t be the same as the photo. However if your just looking for blood red lips this product is perfect.




The final photo shows that my lips have sparkle on them, they don’t it’s just the flash bouncing of the glossiness of the lip gloss! Would not recommend if you are getting photos taken haha :)

Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this post and let me know if your trubies in the comments below :D

-Talk Soon xx


Bourjois Smoky Eyes Eyeshadow Trios

Hello Gorgeous people :) Hope everyone is well this  Thursday afternoon!! I know for a fact that I’m bored out of my brain lolz :P so what better way to pass my time than to blog about the one thing I love-Make-up!! Yesterday I went into town to pass the time and I saw that my local drugstore had these Bourjois Palettes reduced with 50% off. Now these normally retail at 10.49 euros which in my opinion for an eyeshadow trio is quite pricey. Reduced they came down to 5.25 euros which isn’t bad especially because I can now get two for the price of one


The handy thing about these palettes is that their small, making them very compact. This means they can be popped in the purse for on the go and they also don’t take up any space when packing for the holidays abroad. The idea with these palettes is that they’re designed so that you can create a “ombre” look on the eyes. This means you can make you eyes go from light to dark with only the three eyeshadows present in palette itself. Me being me, I picked up two of them. The first is called 06 Violet Romantic.


This palette contains 3 shades of purple; a light almost white transformer color that has only a shimmer of lavender running through it, a more opaque lavender color that when applied alone makes the eyes so soft looking its incredible and a deep rich dark colored purple that can be used to smoke out any eye. Personally out of the two this one is my favourite. Firstly because it’s purple (fav color ^^), secondly because the dark purple in the palette can be used in the place of black when doing other eyeshadow looks. You can’t really do that with the other palette that I’m going to be talking about in a sec because it’ll be obvious that your using a colored shadow whereas this purple is so pigmented and dark it makes for a great alternative to the shade black.


The second one that I got is called 15 bleu nuit which when translated from french to english means blue night. From the name of the palette you can tell that this palette mainly focuses on the shade blue. It again has 3 eyeshdaows in it.


The first shade is a really intense silver shimmer that’s got this dual chrome blue sparkle in it that’s only visible on the lids. The second shade is just your traditional royal blue. And the final shade is this gorgeous navy blue with royal blue shimmer running through it. I have to say the darkest shade is again my favorite because the pigmentation is so intense and it also looks amazing on the eyes!!.


The only bad thing about these is the brush! I really wish they had made the eyshadows bigger  instead of wasting space on the palette with the useless sponge brush they added. Another con for this product is that there are no matte shades when is comes to these palettes. Literally all of them are shimmer-if your like me and you love shimmer than you have to try these out but if your strictly a matte girl than I recommend you give these a miss.

Hopefully you guys have enjoyed this post :) leave me a comment letting me know if you’ve tried these and whether or not your a shimmer girl or a matte girl when it comes to eyeshadows. As always guys -Talk Soon xx


Fashionista Award for Muwah! <3


I’m terrible! I should be sent to makeup jail and placed on the Beauty Blogger trial because I havn’t been blogging anything for the past week!!! And it wouldn’t be so bad but I even apologized about this last thing I blogged and I went and did it again. Oh loyal and wonderful subscribers please forgive me haha :D Anyways enough tears I think I’ve begged  for enough forgiveness lolz :P. Today I have been nominated for another award! (they just keep coming). This one is called the Fashionista Award and I was nominated by my good and amazing friend Cecilia from Cecilia’s Corner so make sure to check out here post especially because she mentions me in it haha :) Right enough random chit chat-let’s get to the questions

Question 1: What Motivated You To Start Blogging

Hmmm to be honest I don’t really know! I’m a girl who loves make-up, beauty, clothes and all things that really label us as girls and I also tend to spend alot of time watching youtube so I’ve always really wanted to start a Youtube channel. I also forgot to mention that I’m a bit of a coward-I can’t make videos to save my life. So how is a girl that wants to talk about the things she loves gonna talk about it without using Youtube-I know make a Blog! And hence SosophisticatedBeauty was born. And I’ve been loving it ever since I started :) mostly because all the wonderful comments I get off of you guys <3

Question 2: Favourites Movies?

Oh where do I start-the list is huge; Remember Me, Mama, The Twilight Saga, Queen of the Damned, Interview with A Vampire, New Years Eve, Valentine’s Day, Resident Evil, Man of Steel……….I could keep going but I’m guessing I have to finish this blog post with the other questions not just a list of movies haha!

Question 3: What Is Your Dream Career?

If I’m honest I would love to develop and own my own Make-up cosmetics brand that 100% Organic using non-synthetic ingredients so it’s completely “green” and healthy both for us to use and for the environment……….keep dreaming right…….?

Question 4: Top Wishlist Items At The Moment?

My wishlist is the length of the wall of china as Cecilia puts it but the top 5 have to be: Smashbox Full Exposure Palette, Urban Decay Electric Palette, YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick, Dior Fluid Stick Number 696 and the Clinique Pop Blush in Plum Pop.

Question 5: Favorite Tv Shows

Prison Break, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Devious Maids, Hart of Dixie, Once Upon A Time, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Pretty Little Liars, The Mentalist.

Question 6: What Stores Do You Find Yourself Shopping in Most?

Ah guys I live in Waterford, Ireland! We only have like a handful of store but anyways, Boots, Debenhams, River Island, Jane Norman and Pennys (Primark)!

Question 7: Favorite Fashion Designers?

Normally I’m not a huge spender on clothes though when I want to indulge I tend to aim for Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors pieces. I also like a bit of Guess I guess haha :D

Question 8: Describe Your Dream Vacation

Honestly I would love to go on a Caribbean cruise. I always see these ads for these huge Cruise on TV and I become instantly green with jelly!

Question 9: What Are The Goals For Your Blog? 

Become rich and Famous! Just kidding :P I just really want to enjoy it to be honest. I want this blog to be an encyclopedia of all things beauty and makeup related and if I make a few Beauty Blogger friends along the way then I more happy for it.

Question 10:  If you had the opportunity to interview a celebrity, who would it be?

Ian Somerhalder!! Why? Look at the Picture!

DefyPlus he loves the environment! Enough Said haha :D.

So those are all the questions done! And now for the fun part of actually nominating other people to do this fun post. My nomination are:

  1. Lush4Blush
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  10. Ckr5009

Keep the ball going please  :) and nominate 10 other amazing bloggers in your post! You can read about the rules etc on the original post here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guys xx

-Talk soon!! <3

Barbara Daly Long Wear Eyeshadow Pen

Heya guys! I have another quick review for you again today :) I’ve been watching alot of youtube lately (actually I watch alot of youtube all the time lolz :P ) and I’ve been seeing these By Terry eyeshadow pen things being raved about in every single beauty video. Me being me and completely addicted to makeup, I went in search on where I could obtain these -let’s just say I wasn’t successful, especially given the price of one of those eye-shadow sticks is enough to feed me for an entire week! (I’m exaggerating but they are expensive!!)


Slightly disappointed I decided to rummage through my makeup collection and I happen to unearth these little guys. Now I’ve had these Shadow pens for about 4 months now. I bought them back when a supermarket close to me was updating their makeup counters to current brands so as far as I know these are now special editions meaning you can only get them online. I put links on the shade names for you guys if I can.

DSCN2256 DSCN2257

Now even though I haven’t tired the By Terry Shadow sticks I have to say these Barbara Daly shadow sticks are pretty awesome! and they only cost me 4.99 euros. I got two of them as usual and the first of the two is in the shade Shimmer Sand. This is a light almost peach like champagne shade which is really faltering when placed in the inner half of the eyelid. It’s formulation is very long lasting and it does not crease. Also after this is applied you have a 30 sec window to blend before it sets so it’s easily blend-able.


The next shade is called Bronze Gold and this is a much darker, more intense shade than the previous one. This color is very dark and rich in pigmentation. The color does come out with a slight bronze hue but it has more of a chocolate brown shade to it than bronze.



I did compare these to the By Terry packaging and they are similar enough in that they have the metal casing. The difference is that these ones are silver/gunmetal whereas the ByTerry are gold. These ones have the shade color at the bottom of the pen whereas the ByTerry has it in a band before the end of the pen. I’ve inserted a pic so you guys can see the difference in appearance for yourselves.


Image obtained from the ByTerry Website (TM)

So as you guys can see there’s not much difference between them, though the price is a major difference factor. I’m glad I didn’t buy the ByTerry ones now :) See Guys whenever you want something-check and see if you own something similar first haha! Hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you have tried the ByTerry ones please leave me a comment telling me what they’re like because I would love to know!

-Talk Soon xx

The Beauty Blogger Award!!



Hey Guys!! I’m in a super happy mood today because I just got nominated by my very good friend Cecilia from Cecilia’s Corner for the Beauty Blogger Award. You guys have to go check out her blog, it’s amazing stuff because she writes about makeup and beauty like me but she also does fun stuff like recipes and cute nail art designs!! It’s such a good read so make sure you check it out :D

And now onto the actual award. In order to qualify for the prizes you must follow the rules detailed in the original post as written by Cecilia herself which I’m going to link here : ( She the one who created this Award so she’s also the one who will be giving out prizes to the winners of the award-she’s planning on doing this every month so make sure you join in the fun. This month she’s giving away one of the Benefit Push-Up Liner pens that are being raved about everywhere right now and them she also has another surprise gift but I think I’ll let you pop over to her blog to see what it is.

The Award also requires me to nominate 7 people to participate in the award also and the seven people that I nominate are:


These seven girls are all amazing at what they do and they’re blogs prove that. Each post is beautifully written and such a pleasure to read you really must check them all out.

There are also 7 questions which I have to answer. This is a great way for you guys to get to know a little bit more about me and for me to get to know those that I have nominated a little bit more about them haha :D. So here goes I hope you guys like the answer I give.

  1. Where does your makeup inspiration come from? For me my inspiration generally comes from watching other people do their make-up, so Youtube is a major influence to me. I also tend to get bits of ideas from posters and magazines and editorial pieces that catch me eye every now and then.
  2. What are 3 of your Holy Grail Products that you cannot live without? Oh tough question and I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s gonna struggle with it but here we go. First HG product is my Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover, I have sensitive eyes so this is literally the best thing for them. I use it whenever I need to remove my eye makeup. Second is my Soap&Glory Kick Ass Concealer. Since buying this concealer I haven’t bought any other and all my other concealers that I own are officially abandoned because I cannot stop using this one! and I’m gonna cheat for the last one and say my Revlon Lip Butters. Not any specific color I just love them all because the formulation is so good and they are creamy and last for a long time without feeling too heavy on the lips.
  3. What is your signature makeup look that you have on any time? Anyone who knows me in really life knows I am a fan of the no-makeup makeup look! Flawless base and glowing cheeks with a nice tint to lips and I’m all set :)
  4. Let us know about your favorite makeup brands.  Well for drugstore it’s really no secret if you’ve been reading my blog for a long time! Sleek Makeup definitely wins hands down. As for high end it’s a draw between Bare Minerals and Lancome!! Why are you making me choose :( lolz :P
  5. Your Ultimate makeup pet peeve. I hate and I mean I really hate when people don’t blend their foundation down onto their neck and they’re left with this line going across they’re jawbone!!! Seriously guys -it is not a cool look to be rocking the floating head!
  6. You’ve heard about all the hype on this makeup item, bought it, tried it and don’t understand what all the fuss is about…Name that product! Benefit Porefessional-please don’t shoot me!! I didn’t like it-found it too greasy when applying and when it actually set on my skin I found it to be very dehydrating :( Not one for me I’m afraid.
  7. Concealer OR foundation ONLY for the rest of your life. Choose one and tell us the reason! I would have to say concealer though It’s so hard for me to turn my back on foundation! but yeah I think I manage life on just concealer though thank god that never has to actually happen. The reason is because other than my black bags under my eyes my skin is pretty good so concealer is a must-foundation is a want.

And that’s it guys! Those who I have nominated-please link you post down below so I can give it a good read and thanks for reading :)

-Talk Soon xx

YSL Golden Glosses

Hello Everyone! How are ye all?? I’m back again with another review for you guys and this time it’s featuring a very very high end brand that you should all know-Yves Saint Laurent or YSL, cause we all love making words smaller haha. Generally YSL is a brand I tend to avoid, not because it has bad products no it has amazing stuff, it’s just when I look at the price tag of any of the brand products I tend to get little mini heart attacks they’re so expensive. Lucky for me my local Debenhams was having it’s summer beauty sale and I managed to pick up these two lipglosses making them my first ever YSL owned products :D

With Flash So You Can See How Strong The Sparkle Is In These Glosses

With Flash So You Can See How Strong The Sparkle Is In These Glosses

I picked up two because I couldn’t decide which color to get and because I like things to come in pairs (it’s why I like shoes so much lolz :P ). Originally these glosses retailed for 28 euros!! but I managed to pick them up for 14 euros, which isn’t cheap I know but I had a ten euro voucher on me so technically I was getting them for 9 euros each, which is close to the prices of some drugstore lipglosses if I’m honest………’s an excuse I know……but I wanted them :P DSCN2246 DSCN2250 The first one that my eyes latched onto was the Golden Gloss in the shade 53 Golden Pearl. This is a soft pink tinted lipgloss that has iridescent sparkles running through it. This is lovely to wear on it’s own but I paired it with some of my lipsticks when I was playing around with it and it looked even better as a top coat over a lipstick. This one also happens to be my favorite out of the two. DSCN2251   This second one is called 51 Golden Shell and it has a more natural brown tint to it than the first. Also it’s not as sheer and it’s got golden sparkle instead. I really like this one on it’s own. Because it’s got more pigmentation when you layer it over a lipstick it can look a bit too much on the lips. This tends to make the lips look heavy with product and that’s not a pretty look. Nice on it’s own though. DSCN2253 These lipglosses are definitely ones to reserve for those special occasions when you really want to pop. That’s it guys, I’m super happy with these from YSL and hopefully in the future I’ll find more products from them that don’t break the bank- Let me know which one you would wear and if you have any Holy Grail products from YSL! Enough recommendations and I might just splurge hahaha. -Talk Soon xx

LUSH Haul :)

Ramadan is here! And it’s basically the reason for my most recent absence. I know, I know that’s no excuse for not uploading but between not having enough energy to move and cooking for my brother who all of a sudden decided to pop down from Dublin to Waterford it’s been a hectic week to say the least. Anyways today was the day that I finally pulled up my socks and said that I was not going to be lazy anymore……so I went to Dublin City and went crazy in a special shop called LUSH!!!! Putting a girl who likes to smell good in a shop that has products that smell like heaven is just asking for a major haul-and that’s what you guys are gonna get. Lets begin shall we :)


First up is the thing that caught my eye when I first set foot into the store. This is a foot scrub which is used to exfoliate the dead skin of the bases of our feet-and yes I know feet is a topic people would rather avoid talking about but we all have them and we have them for life so we gotta take care of them lolz :P . This is called the Stepping Stone and it’s got a very citrus note to it. I like the fact that it’s colored blue and shaped like a foot-kinda makes the process a little bit fun. But only a little bit!


So we have our feet out of the way but what about the rest of our body! For that I decided to pick up one of the Lush Body scrubs and the one I choose is called the Sugar Scrub. Because it’s made out of sugar you can control how harsh you want the exfoliation to be. The more water you add to your body the less harsh the scrub because the water will dissolve the sugar. I really like the shape of this because it’s easy to hold when using it. The scent is a nice mild apple/minty scent that’s very refreshing.


A Lush haul would not be complete without a visit to the Bath Bombs/Ballistics counter. You guys had no idea how hard it was for me to choose the ones I did-I literally wanted to buy them all they smelt sooooooooo good! This one is my favourite out of the entire haul and I really wish I had gotten two of these cause OMG! there are just no words to describe how good this smells. This is the Honey Bee Bath Ballistic and it does not smell like that rotten sickly honey. It does however smell like that expensive honey that you only get in expensive salons! Guys next time your in lush you have got to try this it’s amazing :D .


Moving on to a Regina-influenced purchase (Regina being one of my good and greatest friends that I traveled up to Dublin with). She picked this up and told me it was really good and the minute I smelt it I was hooked. Can you see a running theme here-good smelling products equals me being a sucker and buying them haha.  This is called The Comforter and its a Bubble Bar Slice and it smells like a berry and ice-cream sundae. Love Love Love.


My last bubble bomb is the Sakura. I liked the look of this one. It has these interesting multi-colored gems in it so I’m curious as to how it will “explode” in the bath.


To key to health glowing skin is……Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar. Beautiful!! Absolutely gorgeous if your looking to highlight any part of your body. It has a metallic silver subtle like shimmer, so when it melts into the skin it leaves this shimmer behind. I love the heart-shaped design of this but I really wish it was bigger!


Last up is the Strawberry Feels Massage Bar and can you guess what this is shaped like? You guessed it :) A Strawberry. Strawberries are my favorite fruit so when I saw this I just had to get it. It literally makes you feel and smell like a strawberry cheesecake sundae (Yum). All round I have to say Lush is the place to go for when your looking to pamper yourself into smelling good.



Have you guys tried any of the products that I have mentioned? Are you fasting too!?! Let me know in the comments below and I hope those of you who are fasting all have a Ramadan Kareem (Happy Ramadan).

-Talk Soon xx