Brand Focus: Clarins #BeautyThursday

I know, I know I’m taking the easy route out by doing a Brand Focus but it’s only my first week back and I want to do something I’m familiar with because I’m feeling so rusty with writing up blogs so I’m sure you guys will forgive me :). I’ve chosen Clarins for this brand focus simply because most of my skincare is Clarins products and I’m thinking of doing my entire skin care routine  for next weeks #BeautyThursday so let me know if you guys are interested in reading that in the comments below. Right lets get onto the good stuff and that’s the actually products.

I’m gonna start of with the bath products. Now Clarins bath products are strictly a holiday only luxury, meaning I only buy them when I’m going on holiday because I like to have that extra bit of relaxation on the trip. I wouldn’t use them on an everyday basis because I really don’t want to break my bank account but I do like taking them with when I’m travelling and I only need to use them for 2 weeks max. I have 2 body washes, though Clarins calls them Bath and Shower Concentrates. The first is the Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate (Yellow) and I took this on my trip with me when I went to Egypt last  year in August. I love the smell of both of these baths concentrates and you really don’t need alot of product to get a good lather. I haven’t used the Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate (Blue) yet but I like to keep them on hand cause you never know when you might suddenly get a trip out of the country.


These next two products are also travel only products and again its simply because I find them way too expensive to be buying them for daily use (I think my bank account would split in two if I tried it!!). Both of these products are 100 mls in size and both have been used half up when I was in Egypt. I’m keeping the other half because I might be traveling soon this October but I’m not sure yet but these products have a 2 year expiry date anyways so it really doesn’t matter.


The first of these products is the Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub and what I like about this scrub is that it’s not too abrasive but it still has the tiny exfoliating beads present in it so that you can feel your skin being exfoliated. The product itself smells like a powdered peach and it has a slight peach tint to the cream product itself.


The second product is the Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion and I honestly think the name of this product describes it perfectly .Its a nice white cream that’s very rich in texture so when its applied it leaves the skin feeling very hydrated and moisturized without that greasy feeling afterwards that I really really hate!!


This product is the only product that I own that is hand care. This is the Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream and I’m not going to talk too much about it because I’m going to link you to this blog review so you can go have a read of what I think about it there. Believe it or not this was the very first item I ever reviewed on this blog and I find it so incredible that my blog has grown so much since that day and I really just want to thank my followers for all the support!! love you guys :D


Moving on from body care lets talk a bit about skin care. Now I’m not going to go into to much detail because I will end up repeating myself next week with the skin care routine post but I do want to show you guys what I use from Clarins on my skin. The first product is the one product that in my entire skin care routine I just can’t be without. Honestly if you were to take away all my skin care products and leave me with this I would be very happy. This is the Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum and using this product is like giving your face an injection of pure water.


Its broken up into two phases. One is an oil phase and the other is a water phase. The water phase is 3/4 of the bottle so oily skin people this is suitable for you guys too! The only thing I don’t like about this product is the PRICE!! 65 Euros for 50 mls, thats 80 dollars for those of you in the USA. The way I look at it is, you only use one pump a day for your entire face so a full bottle will last you a good 12 months. There is a smaller size of 35 mls available for those of you who just wanna give it a go first before investing in a big bottle.


My moisturizer also happens to be from Clarins. This is the Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream. This moisturizer really is only suitable for those of us who are aged 20 and above simply because it does have anti-wrinkle properties in it which aren’t great for younger skin. Those of us who are 20 and above, this cream is great for keeping those wrinkles at bay for as long as possible. For those under 20 I recommend you check out Simple as a skin care range and No7 because they do epic skin creams as well.


CULT PRODUCT: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. It brightens, tightens and I love love love using this as a makeup primer. It smells great and it leaves a good strong barrier between your skin and the makeup while making the makeup last longer on the skin. Not only can you use it as a primer but you can also use it as a face mask. Simply apply it on all over the face and leave it on for 15-20 mins then remove with a damp wash cloth.


Its got a very balmy feel to it that I like because it doesn’t feel like its blocking any pores when I apply it. The most interesting thing about I think is it’s colour. It comes out of the tube this bright peach/orange shade but don’t worry it goes transparent when its rubbed into the skin.


Another primer that I own from Clarins is the Clarins Instant Smooth perfecting touch primer. This is a very silicone based primer compared to the beauty flash balm. Because it has that silicone feel to it I like using it under my eyes in order to prime the area where I’m going to be putting my under eye concealer. This stops the concealer from caking and/or creasing on me.


The last skin care product that I own from Clarins is their Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm. This lip balm is really reserved for those frostbite winter months when all our lips wanna do is peel into a hundred of layers. They become sore, chapped and red and this product is the only thing that can restore them back to normal.


I tend to keep this product only as a chapped-lip situation lip balm because otherwise my lips will get used to it and it won’t work as great as it does when they aren’t. The product itself has a nice rosy tint to it when it comes out of the tube and this I think retails for 16 euros so as high end lip balms that work go, the price isn’t that bad (could still be cheaper though!).


Right enough talk about Skin Care and Body Care products. Let’s move on to some epic make-up products from Clarins! My favorite make-up product from Clarins is their Everlasting Foundation. Now this foundation is very very high coverage and I would not recommend it for those of you who like a natural look. Even though this foundation is light on the skin it still makes you look like you have makeup on in a good way if you get what I mean.


Packaging wise it is a glass bottle, very sleek in design and it has a gold lid with the C for Clarins engraved onto it which gives it the High-end feel it deserves. It does come with a pump making it very hygienic and my shade is the lightest in the range 104 Cream. This foundation retails for 36 euros but in all honesty it is one of the best high end foundation I have ever used. It does contain an SPF of 15 but I haven’t found any problems with it with regards to flash photography.

DSCN2437 The spray that I use to set this foundation is the Fix’ Make-up spray. I like using this instead of the Urban Decay All-Nighter spray for this foundation only. Because their both the same brand they really do complement each other and so this spray gives a very velvet finish to the foundation while keeping it looking fresh and dewy. It also sets the makeup and can be used as a refreshing mist throughout the day to revive your makeup and keep it fresh.


Moving onto the powder that I use with this foundation and its the Cotton Flower Face palette. This is one of the most interseting makeup products that I own by Clarins. Its a basic setting powder but it has also these really cool cotton flowers in it that have this iridescent shimmery white stuff. It gives the same effect as the Hourglass ambient lightening powders and its only the fraction of the price. Another thing you could with this powder is use a small detail brush and only pick up product from the flowers and that will give you the perfect highlighting product.


I like that it comes with a mirror because it makes it handy for travel and I also like how elegant and compact the outer packaging looks also. I generally just swirl my powder brush across the entire pan and press the product into my skin to give a flawless effect. As far as I know this powder only comes in one shade however its fairy translucent when its applied so I’m sure it will work for a range of skin types.


Speaking of highlighting the face this is the product that I consider to be a perfect dupe for the YSL Touche Etclat (don’t know if I spelt that write……not the best at french lolz :P ) It’s you basic highlighting pen that you can use under you eyes, on the bridge of your nose and across the cupid’s bow. Blends flawlessly and I love the golden packaging. Honestly I think most of the Clarins products have amazing packaging!!! Love <3 .


On of my most favourite single eyeshadows that I own is the shade 20 Midnight Plum. This is a nice dark vintage maroon plum shade that I love combining with a light shade. I tend to sweep the light shade all over the lid of the eye and then place this color into the crease on the eye for just a pop of color. This look gives great dimension to the eye and it makes small eyes look bigger. If your interested in a tutorial let me know in the comments below and Ill try and make one for another #BeautyThursday


Sticking with the theme of eyes, this next product is the only eye liner I own from Clarins and the reason for that is because I don’t really like the formulation of these. Yes the color range is beautiful and they offer amazing pigmentation but lasting power on them isn’t great! I find if your spending the amount I spent on this liner (17.99 euros) you may as well invest in an Urban Decay liner, that way at least you know you’ll have that liner on for the entire night and it’s not going to disappear off your eyes like this one did. The shade I have is 07-Gold and the pencil does comes with a pretty useless smudger on the end because these liners are really terrible when you smudge them.



Let’s talk Lips and I have to say Clarins has some really inventive ideas when it comes to their lip products and you’ll see why with this first product. This is the Clarins Crystal Balm Lipstick in the shade 08 Crystal Berry. This is a really cool product because it has the lipstick bullet in the centre of a lipbalm bullet…I don’t think I explained that very well but what I’m trying to say is the the pigmented part of the lipstick is surrounded by a lipbalm.





This is really nice especially in the winter months because my lips especially tend to get very chapped so this allows me to moisturize them and keep them hydrated whilst also give them a really great pop of color.


I have gotten great use out of this lipstick this summer especially on special occasions that were held outside. As far as I know this is a limited edition product that was brought out by Clarins as part of their summer collection last year. Its a highly pigmented Sunscreen for the Lips and has an SPF of 35 built into it. I found this great because my lips tend to burn easily in hot weather and this summer Ireland was very weirdly hot in it’s summer months so this lip product was basically glued to my lips anytime I had to be outside for a long time.



My Last lip product and Makeup Product is the Clarins Shimmer Lipstick in the shade 17. This really is just a lip product that you add over any lipstick or even bare lips to give it a bit of a sparkle effect to it. Really balmy, moisturizing and hydrating.



My last product is a bit of an odd one. It’s an aromatherapy perfume that meant to help you relax in times of stress (and trust me I get wicked stressed) but It has no pump and it really isn’t a scent that is appropriate for the wrists… I kinda don’t know what to do with it! Any help would be great guys!!


And that’s it guys! Yes I know it was wicked long but I truly love love love this brand and when I can afford it I tend to reserve my splurges for it. Let me know what you favourite product was or even if you liked/disliked this post in comments below! Totally up for some constructive criticism! :)

-Talk Soon! xx



Hey Guys! Before I begin I would like everyone to comment below on how many lip products they current have in their handbags because I for one have 7! Three of them are the same shade of peach! Why do we carry around so many lip products-because it’s an addiction. Who can say no to small petite packaging, amazing pigmented colors and an affordable price. I know I can’t and thats why I’ve created this series. So I can go through the many many lip products that I own and talk a little about them in order to show them how much they mean to me lolz :P


These posts are gonna be short and sweet. One product every wednesday! This week I’m gonna be focusing on the MaxFactor Lipstick Color Effect in the shade Boreal Mauve 15. This is a dual ended lipstick and the reason why I’m focusing on this is because I saw the same kinda idea being used with the Bite Beauty lipsticks and as far as I know those ones are like 19 euros each whereas these, being a great dupe for those of us who can’t get the Bite one or can’t afford it, only retails at 6.79 euros each. Plus you get 2 lip products!!


Like I said this lip product has 2 shades in it. The first is the main reason why I bought this product. This shade is a beautiful soft orchid pink that is really quite soft on the lips. I like how creamy this product goes on. This shade also has a soft iridescence running through it which makes it give ta 3D effect to the lips when applied.


The second shade, though not as great, is still beautiful in itself. This is a strong pink lipstick with a real red undertone running through it that I only noticed because of the photos. It doesn’t appear this read in reality however in photos that undertone really stands out.


I really like both of these shades though the first one is by far my favorite. Right so final assessment:

Packaging: 3/5 (lids are plastic-come on!)

Pigmentation: 5/5

Smell(cause we all smell our lip products): 4/5

Application: 5/5

Price: 3/5

Overall: 4 star product.



No7 Precision Lip Pencils – MakeupMonday

Hey Guys! I’m so happy to be finally doing this again :) This is going to be my very first post of September and the very first in my MakeupMonday series. Before I begin I just want to say that if any of you are interested in a particular product and want it to be reviewed then shoot me a comment below letting me know or if your on Twitter you can tweet me a request using the #MakeupMonday and I’ll be sure to add you request to my growing list. That out of the way let’s get started in the review!

Right so I know I’m a bit rusty at this which is why I decided to review something very basic today and that is Lipliners. Personally I find a good lipliner one of the hardest makeup product to shop for and when I do find a brand that does good lipliners they tend to have a very small colour range selection which is so not cool! Now a small selection range is exactly what the No7 Precision lipliners have but they are seriously some of the best lipliners I have found to date.



I currently own 3 in my collection and there are 6 in total (see what I mean about the bad colour selection). Packaging wise they are simple, basic twist-able pencils that have a topper applicator that can be removed from the base of the pencils in order to sharpen the pencil to a point.


These retail at 8.99 euros a piece which is not a price that I would pay on a regular basis for a lipliner, however I got them when Boots was having their 3 for 2 offer on all No7 Makeup plus I used it in conjunction with the 4 euro off makeup voucher for No7 that Boots always does so I ended up getting each pencil for rough 4.95 each (See what a bargain hunter I am haha ^_^). The first pencil I’m gonna talk about is probably the most famous out of the pile and it’s the No7 Lipliner in the shade Nude. The reason this is so popular is because the famous makeup artist Lisa Eldridge actually designed this shade for No7 in order to make a Nude pencil that would suit any skin tone and to be honest I think she got it spot on-this nude is perfect!DSCN2414

The formulation of these pencils is a cream type meaning it will glide on over the creases present in the lips for a flawless smooth finish. I hate when Lipliner basically make you look like you have some 60 year old granny’s lips because it sinks into the creases so much. You don’t get that effect with these lipliners at all.


The next shade is one every red lipstick lover gal should have in her arsenal and that is a red lipliner. This lipliner is in the shade Fire and it is the most cool toned red liner I have found to date. Again the formulation is the same as the Nude. The only issue I had with this lipliner is that I found it did bleed a little onto the area around the lips though it did keep the lipstick firmly in place. Away around this I found was just to use a clear lipliner before applying the red one.




Last but not least is the shade Plum. This is the most used out of the shades that I own simply because its the shade I tend to gravitate towards the most. I love wearing this espically under lipgloss because it can change the tone of the lipgloss into a more richer shade. The same can be done to lipstick that you find to light for your skin tone. Pop this color under it and voila it will be the perfect fit :)



And that’s it guys, my first MakeupMonday is complete :) I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what else you would like to see-I’m totally open to suggestions. Next week I’m planning on doing a comparsion between two eyeliners from the same brand and seeing which will stay in the waterline better so stay tuned.

-Talk Soon xx

Major Update and New Events!!

Hey Guys! Oh my god I have missed you so very very much :) Now before you all run at me and shower me with hugs I have to explain myself to the reason as to my hiatus even though I tweeted why, but for those of you who don’t follow me on twitter here goes: I had EXAMS!!! shock horror I know-it’s a horrible word and I wish I didn’t have to say it but I ain’t got no choice it’s the truth.

Anyways I’m posting up this post firstly to explain where I have been (under a rock with hundreds of notes :( ) which I have done! And to explain whats gonna be happening with my blog soon :D! So Starting from September the first I’m planning on doing a few new series for my blog and here they are:

  • MakeupMonday: This is going to be post which goes up every Monday (original right!) and I’m basically gonna be reviewing strictly makeup products only on this day however these makeup products exclude lip products and you’ll soon see why.
  • LippyWednesday: I review a Lip product every single Wednesday because we tend to carry around a hundred of them in our purses every single day so why not talk about them too!
  • BeautyThursdays: Same as MakeupMondays only beauty related, I might also post up Brand Focuses on these days so keep an eye out!
  • Hair-Do Saturday: Review of hair products, talking about hair products, showing you guys new hair products…you guys get the drift lolz

And that’s it guys-those are the new events that are going to be featured on my blog starting September the 1st which will begin the first of my MakeupMondays. And suggestions on products you want me to talk about please leave me a comment below and I will make a note of it and feature it in a post -guarnteed promise!

-Talk Soon xx

Major Haul!! [Collab with Cecilia’s Corner]

Hey guys! I have a major surprise for you :D Me and my friend Cecilia from Cecilia’s Corner were a bit naughty the other day as we went down shopping! Now even though shopping isn’t considered a crime when it comes to me and Cecilia it should be. We tend to motivate each other to buy things we really don’t need so we always end up coming back from these shopping trips with more money spent than was necessary ^_^ though I’m pretty sure everyone has a friend like that. Anyways head on over to her blog to see what she got if your interested but for now let me show you what I got :D

I’m going to do this in the order that we visited the stores in so the first place we popped into was Shaws department stores. The reason for our little venture into this place was Shaws has recently updated they’re makeup counters by getting rid of their Revlon stand and replacing it with “drum roll please” NYX!! You can imagine how excited we were, we never get brands like NYX over here in Ireland. I picked up two pieces from the stand, the first is they’re very much raved about NYX Butter Glosses and I got mine in the shade Apple Strudel.


First Impressions, I really like it. The formulation is nice and buttery and the color is the perfect peach. I have alot of lipglosses this shade and I found this the lightest to wear out of the lot of them. Plus it’s cruelty free so that’s always an added bonus when it comes to makeup products.


My next purchase was the NYX powder blush in the shade Taupe. I found this the perfect shade for coutouring, espically for those of us with pale skin. This shade is nice, deep, almost greyish brown that’s completely 100% matte which was it’s major selling point for me.



Moving on from Shaws, we then headed to makeup heaven and that’s Boots, and ironically I didn’t buy any makeup from here haha. Instead I was on the hunt for a decent body scrub. I ended up going for the Boots Extracts Fruity Strawberry Body Scrub. This scrub has natural Strawberry essence in it making it smell like a strawberry cheesecake…..and yes I did buy it cause it smelled good :P


Because Boots was having a 3 for 2 offer on their body scrubs I decided to pick up mini travel sized ones. The first is a great recommendation from Cecilia, this is the Soap & Glory body scrub called Flake Away. It is indeed a sugar scrub, so it’s more gently on skin than traditional body scrubs and it also smells like peaches!! Yummy!!



The last body scrub that I got is another Soap & Glory one (they make the best scrubs!!) called the Scrub em’ and Leave em’ body buff. This also smells amazing, I think all Soap & Glory products do but this one especially has that fresh sea like smell to it that I just love.


The last product that I got from Boots was the Dove Advanced Hair Series Shampoo. My current shampoo (review coming soon!) is really drying out my hair and I ain’t loving it as much as I thought I would. Because my hair is feeling really dehydrated I wanted a shampoo that would boosted it up with a bit of moisture. This Dove one claims to give Oxygen Moisture to the hair while gently cleansing and giving added volume. We’ll have to see about that! I’ll post up a review the minute I have my thoughts gathered on this purchase.


Now that we were done in Boots, we simply crossed the street and popped into our ever growing Pennys (Primark). I didn’t really buy much from here. I got these exfoliating gloves for 1.50 euros so I could use them with my scrubs.


I also got these ballet flats because they were reduced from 11 euros to 5 euros. I like the color of these. They’re nice and light making them great for these summer months. The gold band at the front adds a touch of elegance to the shoe…well as much elegance as you can get when it comes to Pennys!



The last thing I got was this nail polish from Pennys Angelica Line. This shade is in Think Pink and the reason why I got it was because Cecilia was wearing this very shade on her Nails that day and OMG it’s so freaking Neon that everywhere we went I kept staring at her nails because they were so bright and shiny. So I had go get it-copycat!! that’s me :P



Two more stores and then I’m finished I promise (see we went crazy didn’t I tell you :) ) We literally raided the Catrice stand in Sam MaCauleys!! They had this beautiful limited edition collection out that based on Mermaids and the life of the Sea, but OMG the products were just beautiful. Me and Cecilia wanted to get everything but alas we had to rain ourselves in but here’s what I did get. The first product from the collection is this stunning Nail Polish color in the shade C05 Mermaid It. It’s this beautiful bronzy gold color that has a hint of iridescent pearl running through it-so pretty!



The next two items that I got were two eyeshadow pencils. One was in the shade C01 Black Pearl and it’s this intense pearl pink shade that’s incredibly luminous when placed on the eye. The other shade is this beautiful darker pearl purple shade. This one is called C02 Underwater Laugh and I think this is officially my favorite purple for the summer months.



My last item from this collection was this incredible highlighter pen. This casts the most amazing pearly highlighted finish to the face. It contains no sparkle-only a soft sheen and I love using it on the top of my cheekbones.



The last store that we visited was TopShop and all we got from there were a hundred Midi rings…..just kidding I only got four but it felt like a hundred with the amount we tried on in the store. At 3.50 a piece you would got crazy too I’m sure haha! Anyways the picture shows the ones I got and if you guys are interseted in a Midi Ring post were I show you my collection, just let me know in the comments below.



And that’s everything I got. You can imagine how tired we were after all that shopping! Thank god for Cecilia and her cute little car-don’t think I would have been able to walk home that day lolz. Don’t forget to check out what she picked up over on here blog right here.

-Talk Soon xx

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets

Boots is one of those places that could end up making me bankrupt one of these days. Does anyone else have this problem? Literally everytime I go in there I have to leave with a new makeup product otherwise I feel like my shopping trip was all for nothing lolz :P This time my trip took me to the dangerous world of Bourjois, specially the Bourjois Rouge Velvet Editions. I’ve heard hundreds of bloggers and vloggers rave about this product, how it’s long lasting, doesn’t smear and doesn’t dry out the lips. So when one hears such good things, one must try the product for themselves right guys?


As usual I got too shades because all good things come in pairs right haha :). The first out of the two is the one that my eyes automatically latched onto the minute I got to the Boujois counter. This Velvet Rouge is in the shade 08 Grand Cru and this shade is the perfect blood red looking red I have ever found. I kinda wish I had this for when I was doing my tutorial on the True Blood Lips it would have made things a little easier. Because this shade is so dark I found that it did bleed a little but a bit of clear liner sorted out that situation immediately.


Application wise it went on very smooth, which considering it was a dark shade, kinda impressed me because dark shades like this tend to fall into the cracks of the lips making them look dry and wrinkly and this did not do that. I combined this shade with my Maybelline lip liner in the shade 338 Midnight plum which is also the same liner I used in the tutorial. The clear liner that I used is one from Rimmel London and it’s called the Moisture Renew Universal Transparent Lipliner and I genuinely recommend this for all dark lip colors because it really does stop them from bleeding.



The next shade that I got is the Velvet Rouge in the shade 04 Peach Club and this one is a gorgeous peach shade with a soft pink undertone to it. Much like the red one it applies smoothly without creasing and for such a longlasting formula, these did not dry out my lips even though they do set matte.


This lipglosses do come with a doe-foot applicator that has a slight dip that retails a little bit of the product. For a shade like this one its ok to apply it start from the applicator but for shades like the one above, which are darker I recommend using a lip brush to make things easier and more precise looking though you can apply straight from the applicator if you wish. This shade I found went really well with my Maybelline Lipliner in the shade 132 Sweet Pink.


Price wise these aren’t the cheapest on the market, retailing at 12.49 euros they do pack a bunch when paying for them at the checkout (I think my bank account is still in pain over these haha :P ) but if you are willing to invest in some good, longlasting lipglosses that aren’t sticky or sparkly than these are the perfect option.



And that’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you’ve tried any shades from this range as you never know my bank might just get better in time to pick up another shade or two…..I’ve paired both these shades using Maybelliner Lipliners but let me know what brands you like for their lipliners because I really do find it hard to shop for lipliners-not alot of brands make good ones.

-Talk Soon xx

L’oreal Super Slim Perfect Slim Liners!

So! I was shopping in Boots the other day…..again! And I wanted to repurchase my Holy Grail liner the L’oreal Super Slim Perfect Slim Liner in Intense black that I mentioned in my L’oreal Brand Focus that my old one had dried out. Walking over to the L’oreal counter I spotted two other gems standing next to my beautiful black liner. L’oreal has released 2 brand new colored liner in the range and because I love the original black one so much you can understand my excitement when it came to these.


I picked up all three and before I get into describing the colored versions I kinda want to tell you guys about the original one seeing as I didn’t really focus on it in the L’oreal Brand Focus because I didn’t have it on hand to swatch for you guys. There are three reasons why I love this liner out of all the liners that I have used in the past (and trust me I have used alot….so many in fact 33% of my makeup is liners haha ^^). The first reason Is I love the shape of the nib it comes with. It is very slim, narrow and precise and it has some flexibility to it without being flimsy.


The other aspects that I love is the intensity of the blackness of the liner itself. Urban Decay perversion has nothing on how dark this liner is espically if you get the intense black shade rather than just the black shade in the range.


And lastly once this liner sets, it ain’t going nowhere. Literally you need the most heavy duty eyeliner remover you have to remove it. I just use my Lancome Bi-Facil and it comes off so easily without irritating my eyes.


Right I think it’s time I moved onto the fun stuff and that’s the colored liners :). I got both of them because I couldn’t resist but I have to say I don’t love them both. Lets get the dud out of the way. The eyeliner in the shade blue really let me down. I’m used to high pigmentation when it comes to this product and this liner did not give me that. Instead it was very watery in formulation and when I applied it onto my eyes it smeared. Plus the color didn’t come out very well so I couldn’t photograph it for you guys :(


That little disappointment aside, the green shade is the complete opposite. It does the exact same performance as the black shade except of course is green in color. This shade is very nice because it isn’t that really intense green that screams “look at me” instead its a very subtle wearable color. Its nice change from black :)


Application wise it applies very smoothly thanks to its precise nib and its formulation isn’t watery and doesn’t smear when applied onto the eyelids. Price wise these liners are very affordable. I think they retail around the 8.99 mark but look out for the special offers that stores tend to do on L’oreal before buying.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have and questions or recommendations of other colored liners please leave all your suggestions in the comments below. I’ll be happy to read them and get to know what interests you guys :D

-Talk Soon xx