This Wednesday is a pricey #LippyWednesday because I’m going to be introducing you to some of my favorite lip-glosses from Lancome. These lip-glosses are known as the Gloss-In-Love glosses. Now before I dive in to the post I do want to put a disclaimer out there that I do understand that not everyone has a budget where they can spend 19 euros on a lip-gloss and so I’ve decided that I would quickly mention that Rimmel London do have an exact dupe for these lip-glosses, they are known as the Rimmel London Vinyl Glosses. The only difference is the applicator shape is different and that the Lancome lip-glosses are slightly less sticky. Now that the disclaimer is over lets get into the review.


The packaging of these lip-glosses are all the same for all the shades. They come in a clear tube, that shows the color of the gloss. The lids are a metallic silver shade that adds elegance and of course the top of the lids are embossed with the ever classic Lancome rose. The nice thing about the packaging of these glosses is that the lids have a click mechanism to open them. Meaning there’s a button that you press that opens the lid. This mechanism alone shows the reason behind the price of the glosses.


I currently own three shades from the range and one of them is limited edition, released last spring but still available to this day as not a lot of people like the shade. This shade has the number 62K801 and it’s simply called VOLUMIZER. This shade is a pale pink, so pale that it tends to look clear on alot of skin tones, its why most people don’t buy it. If your going to spend 19 euros on a lip-gloss it may as well show on your lips. Me however because I’m so pale, it does give a nice rosy hue to my lips that make them look liked they’ve just been kissed ;).


Following on is the next shade that I own, 302 Rose Oscar, a beautiful pinky coral shade that I love to whip out during the summer months. The applicator of these is another feature that I find worth the price of the product. It has an almost curved lip shape that allows the applicator to hug your lips. This allows the product to go on evenly with the first sweep of the brush across the lips.


The third shade that I own is similar to 302 Rose Oscar but the difference is that this shade has a gold glitter running through this. Not the biggest fan of the glitter if I do say so myself, wouldn’t have picked it up had I been paying attention when I bought it. This shade is 222 Fizzy Rosie.

Let me know if you guys have tried these and what you thought of them in the comments below.

-Talk Soon xx